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Acknowledgment Cards - Single

We have fourteen designs to choose from, including two cards in Irish. While the front of the card has fourteen designs, the back of the card has just two options - English wording (code 1401B) or Irish wording (code 1414B).


We print our cards on 350gsm white smooth stock and trim to 110x85mm. Matching envelope size is 95x121mm and can be supplied in white or cream. All single acknowledgment cards have price codes below (acknowlgment card and envelopes prices found through Memorial Stationery

Home Page).


Ordering Instructions

When filling out the order form we will require your contact details, details of the deceased and date of issue.


We will ask you for a 25% deposit at ordering time with the balance payable on job collection.

*guide prices based on ordering 100 acknowledgment cards, envelopes not included

Code 1401A

price code B

Code 1010A

price code G

code 1010A

Code 1010B

price code G

code 1010B

Code 1011A

price code G

code 1011A

Code 1011B

price code G

code 1011B

Code 1012A

price code G

code 1012A

Code 1012B

price code G

code 1012B

Code 1101A

price code G

code 1101A

Code 1101B

price code G

code 1101B

Code 1102A

price code G

code 1102A

Code 1103A

price code G

code 1103A

Code 1104A

price code G

code 1104A

Code 1105A

price code G

code 1105A

Code 1106A

price code G

code 1106A

Code 1107A

price code G

code 1107A

Code 1108A

price code G

code 1108A

Code 1109A

price code G

code 1109A

Code 1110A

price code G

code 1110A

Code 1111A

price code G

code 1111A

Code 1151A

price code G

+ €25 for extra design work

code 1151A

Code 1151B

price code G

code 1151B

Code 1401B

Code 1306A

price code E

Code 1306B

code 1306A code 1306B

Code 1307A

price code E

Code 1307B

code 1307A code 1307B

Code 1308A

price code E

Code 1308B

code 1308A code 1308B

Code 1309A

price code E

Code 1309B

code 1309A code 1309B

Code 1310A

price code E

Code 1310B

code 1310A code 1310B

Code 1311A

price code E

Code 1311B

code 1311A

Code 1351A

price code E

Code 1351B

code 1351A code 1351B code 1311B code 1401A



code 1401B

Code 1402A

price code B

Code 1403A

code 1402A code 1403A

Code 1404A

price code B

Code 1405A

code 1406A code 1407A

Code 1408A

price code B

Code 1409A

code 1408A code 1409A

Code 1410A

price code B

Code 1411A

code 1410A code 1411A

Code 1412A

price code B

Code 1413A

Code 1414A

price code B

Code 1414B

code 1412A code 1413A code 1414A code 1414B