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Memorial Mini Cards

Code 1202A

Code 1203A

Code 1204A

Code 1205A

Code 1206A

We have eleven scenic designs to choose from, or, you can fully personalise the card with all your own photos (code 1251). The fully personalised card carries a subcharge of €25 for the extra design work required. You can mix'n match both sides of the card, so for example, if you want a sunset on Side A and flower background on Side B, that is no problem.

We print our mini cards on 350gsm stock and then gloss laminate and trim to 85x55mm. Matching envelope size is 95x121mm and can be supplied in white or cream (envelopes not included in price, see price list on the Memorial Stationery Homepage).

All mini cards have price codes below and you will find the full price list for all price codes in the Price List on the Memorial Stationery Homepage).


Ordering Instructions

When filling out the order form we will require your contact details, details of the deceased including a photograph (actual photo or photo in soft format by email/memory stick).

You will need to pick a prayer code for Side B. You can choose from our prayers and our verses (found through Memorial Stationery Home Page). Alternatively you can supply us with your own prayers/verses.

Don't forget that you can mix'n match both sides of the card, just put the correct codes on the order form.

We will ask you for a 25% deposit at ordering time with the balance payable on job collection.

Evening Invitation

Order code: 125E

Price code: C

Envelope size: C6

*guide prices based on ordering 100 mini cards, envelopes not included

Code 1201A



price code C

price code C

price code C

price code C

price code C

price code C

Code 1007B

price code G

code 1007B

Code 1008A

price code G

code 1008A

Code 1008B

price code G

code 1008B

Code 1009A

price code G

code 1009A

Code 1009B

price code G

code 1009B

Code 1010A

price code G

code 1010A

Code 1010B

price code G

code 1010B

Code 1011A

price code G

code 1011A

Code 1011B

price code G

code 1011B

Code 1012A

price code G

code 1012A

Code 1012B

price code G

code 1012B

Code 1101A

price code G

code 1101A

Code 1101B

price code G

code 1101B

Code 1102A

price code G

code 1102A

Code 1103A

price code G

code 1103A

Code 1104A

price code G

code 1104A

Code 1105A

price code G

code 1105A

Code 1106A

price code G

code 1106A

Code 1107A

price code G

code 1107A

Code 1108A

price code G

code 1108A

Code 1109A

price code G

code 1109A

Code 1110A

price code G

code 1110A

Code 1111A

price code G

code 1111A

Code 1151A

price code G

+ €25 for extra design work

code 1151A

Code 1151B

price code G

code 1151B

Code 1201B


Code 1202B

1202A 1201B 1202B

Code 1203B

1203A 1203B

Code 1204B

1204A 1204B

Code 1205B

1205A 1205B

Code 1206B

1206B 1206A

Code 1207A

price code C

Code 1207B

1207A 1207B

Code 1208A

price code C

Code 1208B

1208A 1208B

Code 1209A

price code C

Code 1209B

1209A 1209B

Code 1210A

price code C

Code 1210B

1210A 1210B

Code 1211A

price code C

Code 1211B

1211A 1211B

Code 1251A

price code C

Code 1251B

1251A 1251B